• Students must arrive to school on time, and leave school only after the final school bell is rung. Students arriving late to school are reminded about being on time, with a note in their diaries. The third late coming in a term automatically requires that the student be sent home that day and considered absent.
  • Pupils must be punctual at the beginning of the day and for all subject classes and activities. Unauthorized absence from classes, what is commonly known as ‘bunking’, is a serious offence, and can be punished with suspension and on repeated incidence, with expulsion.
  • For every absence, a written statement, signed by the Parent/ Guardian is required on the day the pupil returns. If a student is absent for more than 3 days for reasons of ill health, a certificate from a doctor is required stating illness and fitness to rejoin.
  • A student who arrives late is required to bring a legitimate explanatory note from the parent/guardian. The school may for serious reasons, including repeated absence, disregard the note,and disallow absence.
  • All explanatory notes for absence/late arrival should be handed over to the class teacher. No one who is late or has been absent on the previous day will be admitted to the class, without the permission of the Principal.
  • Outside the vacation period pupils are not granted leave. Prior permission should be sought for absence from the school for any reason known or planned in advance.
  • Students absent for more than 20% of class meetings in a year shall not be eligible for a passing grade examination in that course.
    • (a) Students who are regularly sick and fall short of the required 80% of attendance may be asked to leave the school on grounds of insufficient physical fitness for regular schooling.
    • (b) Students who remain absent for more than one of the mid semester tests, will be marked‘absent’ with‘nil’ in that test and all subsequent tests where he/she is absent. No average marking in this case will be considered.
    • (c) No leave will be granted during the test week.
    • (d) Absence from the school on the day prior to the day of exam will not be condoned in any form.
    • (e) During the mid-semester test the school will not allow sick leave for half day.
  • In case of infectious diseases the parents are required to keep the child at home till complete recovery. When rejoining, they should submit a medical certificate to the effect that the child is fit to rejoin. However, approval will still be subject to school authorities.
  • Attendance on the last day prior to vacations and the first day of the school after vacations is absolutely essential. Pupils who do not join school on this day are liable to forfeit their admission. Readmission may be considered. The names of pupils who remain absent without leave for one school week may be struck off the rolls. A punitive fine may be imposed on those who come late as a measure of exemplary punishment.
  • Any unscheduled holidays may be made good by the school without prior intimation to parents/guardians.
  • Confirmation regarding any unscheduled holidays can be done by checking the school website or the notice board at the gate but not with the janitor.
  • Students will not be allowed to leave school early unless parents/ guardians present a written note to the office. Express permission by the Principal is necessary.
  • Parents are not allowed to pick-up students using school buses, from the buses or from the gates, without informing the office and the bus teacher / attendant in-charge, as this could cause serious problems both for the child and the school. In case parents take their children without informing the school and the bus teacher/ attendant in-charge, or when a student, at the end of the school, chooses to take a means of transport, other than his/her designated transport, will be asked to leave the school, as this behavior can lead to very serious consequences.

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