Sports Calendar


Class VI-XII

There would be more focus on physical fitness, health awareness and sports skills in physical education periods.

All physical and sports activities will be conducted between Kabir Vs St. Thomas and Gurunanak Vs Vivekananda House.

Saturday,7th April 2018 i Football (XI-XII Boys)
ii Basketball (IX - X Boys)
iii Volleyball (IX-XII Girls)
Saturday, 21st April 2018 i Football (IX-X Boys)
ii Volleyball (XI-XII Boys)
iii Throw ball (VI-VIII Girls)
Friday, 13th July 2018 i Basketball (IX-XII Girls)
ii Football (VI-VIII Boys)
Saturday,11th August 2018 i Basketball (VI-VIII Boys)
ii Volleyball (IX-X Boys)
ii Volleyball (IX-X Boys)
Saturday 1st September 2018 i Basketball (VI-VIII Girls)
ii Volley Ball (VI-VIII Boys)
iii Badminton (IX-XII Boys)
iv Football Finals (XI-XII Boys)
Friday ,7th September 2018 i Basketball Finals (IX-XII Boys)
ii Football Finals (VI-VII & IX-X Boys)
iii Table Tennis (VI-XII All categories of girls)
iv Badminton (VI-XII Boys)
Saturday ,17th November 2018 i Basketball Finals (All categories of Girls)
ii Basketball Finals (VI-VIII Boys)
iii Volleyball Finals (All categories of Boys)
iv Table Tennis (All categories of Boys)
v Badminton (IX - XII Girls)

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