Our School Emblem


Our School crest, depicting our School Mascot, a Lesser Crested Tern (commonly, seagull) “Sterna Bengalensis” in flight, rightly portrays what has always been a passion with us, to fly our own way, even if it be alone, in the pursuit of human as well as academic excellence, and in the process contribute substantially towards building a better, brighter, more humane and caring society.

All Agnelites will identify themselves with these two major attitudes.

  • Have BRAVE MINDS that make you aware of your individuality, your beliefs, and attitudes, to move ahead with courage, innovate, find new ways of doing things differently, and not get lost in the crowd, and
  • Have BIG HEARTS that make you aware and concerned about your fellows at all times.

FR. AGNEL SCHOOL desires that teachers and learners actively pursue higher standards of learning through personal effort that will equip them with learning skills, in a 21st century context, through a 21st century content and achieved through 21st century tools, where the judicious and optimum use of technology is a game changer.


“The school logo invites all the parents and students of Fr. Agnel School to adhere to universal values that all men and women are brothers and sisters, because they belong to the same family of mankind.”

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